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Lab Services

Gemstone Identification  & Natural vs Synthetic (Lab created) – we can provide you with a written or oral report using GIA techniques to identify your gemstone and also identify whether it is a natural, synthetic or imitation gemstone.  A written report will include details of size, weight, and photograph of your item.


 Appraisals for Diamonds – a diamond report will detail the cut, color, clarity and carat weight (the four C’s). You will also be provided with a detailed mapping to identify any characteristics of your unique diamond.  Remember no two diamonds are alike!



Portable Gem Laboratory

Our recently acquired state of the art Portable Gem Laboratory gives us access to travel freely and independently to any location to meet clients.  Our mobile lab is equipped to handle any demands to test and evaluate gemstones without constraints. 

No Job of evaluating and Appraising Gemstones, Jewelry, Figurines, Statutes and antique Gem Carvings is tough or difficult, we are professionals. You can come to us or we can come to you both locally or internationally. Make an appointment by calling 1800-32-Lloyd or 1800-325-5693 or 718-847-1193.